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About Us

The Science Fiction Museum had its beginnings as an online version of Galaxy Magazine. At the time, the internet was new--full of promise and problems for writers and publishers alike. Many of the issues raised during those fledgling moments on the internet have yet to be answered adequately. Issues such as: viable business models, and how can authors best deal with the creative and economic issues of the internet.

These are issues each of us deal with on a daily basis. But then again that should be no surprise. Authors and artists have this same problem in every publishing arena. How can we tap into the creative potential of the media, and how in the heck can be make a living at it?

We don't have the answer--but we do see the question. And as authors and artists ourselves, we very much appreciate the importance of the question.

As any physic will tell you, if you want better answers make better questions. Or, in other words an answer is only as good as the question.

So to get better answers we need to refine the questions. The Science Fiction Museum, in addition to its obvious nature as a museum of science fiction, is also a contraption designed to delve into the question of how best to tap the creative potential of the internet, and how to nurture and support the use of the internet by authors and artists--both old and new.

Part of this process involves providing a forum for exposure and experimentation. Part of this process involves gathering community voices so that a wider dialog may be had. Part of this process involves giving props to specialities within the field of science fiction that may typically go unherald. These are some of the tasks we have set for ourselves.

At the moment, the Science Fiction Museum has no business model--unless you can call "don't worry about it, let's just do what we can, as we are able, and see how far we can get before we croak" a business model.

That in the nutshell is our plan. There is no paid staff, no one has quit their day job. The lack of a payroll to meet week after week makes SFMuseum almost immune to the economic ebb and flow of the internet.

Doing what we can, as we are able, might give rise to a rather odd periodicity of development, but at least the evolutionary curve is mostly forward.

Science Fiction Museum is in it for the long haul. As you can see from the site framework. we have bitten off a rather large chunk to chew. Not a problem. We'll poke along byte by byte as long as we can until there is a gentlemen at the door with something about the reaping.

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