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  The web is perfect for science fiction. Science fiction has always been supported by an active, and adept, fan base. Now with the advent of the internet, websites devoted to science fiction have been popping up all over the web.

  Science fiction fans make up a strong and active community. This community supports activities across the web, at conventions, and in local towns. Every author, show, and movie can give rise to a new fan website, zine, or club. If you have a site, blog, forum, group, zine, or club that you want to make available to the scifi community, get it listed here. If you are looking for others interested in your special author or show, check out the listings.

  Science fiction conventions are an integral part of the scifi community. They play a key role in every aspect of science fiction. There are whole departments of cultural anthropology devoted to the study of the science fiction convention. If enthusiasm, creativity, or the "strange and unusual" is not your cup of tea, then a con is not the place your thee.

Celeb Sites
  Science fiction authors, artists, actors, movie makers, and a legion of other creative talent can be found hither, thither, and yon about the web. Official websites and blogs afford us a unique, intimate contact with those making the science fiction we love.

  In addition to museums, book & prop collections, and exhibits of all variety, you can also find theme parks, ufo landing sights, tourist spots, open movie lots, and other such out-and-about places to go for the science fiction fan listed here.

  Books, props, costumes, and more. When you've just gotta have a copy of that out-of-print book or hard-to-find video a well stocked science fiction shop is a very welcome resource. Often the folks running these shops know more about the genre than those publishing the stuff.

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